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The twentieth anniversary celebration of Sitong Group

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Grateful to peers and win the future together -

The twentieth anniversary celebration of Sitong Group ended successfully


   Years are like songs, the weather is picturesque, and 20 years passed quickly, Haicheng Sitong Group has celebrated its 20th birthday. In the past 20 years, Sitong’s staff has struggled and rushed forward in the fierce market competition, and accepted the baptism of the market, and achieved great results. To celebrate this special day, Haicheng Sitong Group Anniversary Celebration was held at Sitong on September 18, 2018.



    In addition to all the employees of Sitong, there are some old leaders and old friends. The participants shared the joy and excitement of the 20th anniversary of Sitong. The opening ceremony of the celebration reviewed the 20 years  mental journey,hard working and development of the Stone Group through a short video.Every familiar or strange face,every new breakthroughs,we review again the journey of Sitong step by step for 20 years.This situation makes every Sitong’s staff feel tidal.     



    At the beginning of the celebration, Mr. An Guangjun, the CEO of Sitong, spoke for everyone. In his speech,he described the development history of Sitong in the past 20 years and the future corporate planning to everyone on the scene. General An said that after 20 years of continuous development, Sitong has been struggling and struggling from the initial stage of entrepreneurship. Today, Sitong has developed into an excellent enterprise integrating production, trade and transportation. Thanks to the support of old leaders, old friends, old students and the hard work of all staff of Sitong, we firmly believe that the future of Sitong will definitely Will be more brilliant;



    The group has presented awards and speeches to outstanding employees who have worked for more than 10 years, more than 15 years, 20 years, and long-term colleagues and domestic and foreign partners.




   Finally, CEO Mr.An and his wife of Sitong Group cut the cake for the 20th anniversary celebration, and toasted the official start of the banquet. The celebration was successfully concluded.



    Sitong has been through 20 years, and on this anniversary, we thank all the partners and employees who have supported and helped Stone in the road!