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Haicheng Sitong Packaging Group Development Process

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Haicheng Sitong Packaging Group is located in Haicheng, Liaoning province, northeast China. It has four subsidiaries. It mainly produces polypropylene woven bags, container bags, polypropylene woven fabric, shopping bags, BOPP printing bag, etc.

Haicheng Sitong Magnesium-Plasitc Products Co., Ltd, as its subsidiary Company, was founded in 1998, with the development of the market demand, Haicheng Qianye Hengda Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd, as its second subsidiary Company,was founded in 2008, and then Dailian Sitong International Trade Co., Ltd was established in 2012 in order to enter the international market.

In order to offer better prices to European customers, we established Sitong Packaging (Cambodia) Co., Ltd in 2013. Meanwhile, another subsidiary company of Sitong Packaing FIBC Branch was formally founded in September 2017, and now under construction and in production. PLease keep looking forward it.

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