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China’s container bag standard

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China's container bag standard: the standard of GB/T10454-2000 is currently implemented, which was modified on the basis of the old standard of GB/T 10454-1989. China’s container bag standard specifies the classification structure, the requirements of technical and inspection of the container bag and so on, and so on.
This standard applies to bulk bags with a volume in the scope of (0.5-2.3) m3 and carrying capacity in the scope of (500-3000) kg.
JP standard: jis z1651-1988
UK Standard: bs6382
AU Standard: as3668-1989
EU standards: EN1898-2000 and EN277-1995
Standard of European Container Bag Association: EFIBCA standard Among them, AS3668-1989 refers to the BS6382 standard, and the two are relatively similar; the contents of ENl898-2000 and EFIBCA content are also same in general; the JP standard JISZl651-1988 test project is similar to China's container bag standard GBl0454-2000.