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2020 Haicheng Sitong packaging Group Annual Meeting is grandly held

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Our company held an annual meeting in Haicheng on January 18, 2020. The annual meeting was divided into five parts: the company's 2019 review, speeches by leaders, commendations, performances and draws, games and dinner
The first is the opening dance, "Daily Up" performed by domestic and foreign trade personnel.
Then the host took the stage to give a speech, while playing major events and achievements in 2019 on the big screen
The second is the group leader's speech, which summarizes the entire group's 2019 performance, output and input.
Then we recognize employees who have made outstanding contributions to the Group in 2019
This was followed by a performance by employees of each department of the group, with sweepstakes and games
Finally, all the participants in the annual meeting took a group photo to commemorate the start of the dinner. At this point, the annual meeting ended successfully