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Question 1: What is the product range of your Company?
(1) Polypropylene woven bag;
(2)BOPP bag / Gravure bag;
(3) FIBC/Jumbo bag;
(4) Polypropylene woven fabric sheets, polypropylene woven fabric rolls, weeding cloth;
(5) Lifting loop,PP Yarn, etc;
Question 2: Do you have any bags in stock can be sell?
 We have different bags in stock, and we can accept OEM orders for different specifications and quality as customers' requirements;
Question 3. What information should I provide if I want an accurate quotation?
Size, weight, color,  gsm (gram per square meter), density, printing or not, laminated or non-laminated, UV or not ,order quantity, samples or pictures, etc;
Question 4. Can you provide samples?
We would like to provide you with free samples If we have the same or similar promote samples in our stock,you just should pay express cost.But if you want to customize the sample as your requirements, you should pay for the sample cost also the express cost.

Question 5: what is the different produvts of 20' container and 40' container?
As a rule, the carried capacity of polypropylene woven bag is 11-12 tons /20 feet container (20 'GP); 21-22 tons /40 ft reefer container (40 'NOR); 25-27 tons /40 feet high container (40 'HQ)
The carried capacity of Jumbo bag 7-8 t /20 ft container (20 'GP); 14-15 tons /40 ft reefer container (40 'NOR); 17-18 tons /40 feet high container (40 'HQ)
The carried capacity of Polypropylene woven fabric roll 10-11 tons /20 feet container (20 'GP); 22-23 tons /40 ft reefer container (40 'NOR); 25-26 tons /40 feet high container (40 'HQ)