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       Our company base on the innovation ,quality, and always think of the clients. We are focusing on the use the best technology and equipment. Now our main production equipment more than 450 sets, including 14 sets energy-saving extruding machines, 267 units circular weaving machines ,25 sets ribbon weaving machine, 10 sets of multicolor printing machine and automatic cutting seaming and printing integrated machine, laminated machine, cutting drilling machine, folding M-side machine, ultrasonic seaming machine, hydraulic press and other equipment. The workshop designed reasonably and neatly, strict quality inspection system has been set up to ensure if the raw material inspection can be qualified to enter the factory, the quantitative sampling inspection is performed before/during/after the production, so as to guarantee that the mass production can be satisfied the standard of customers' need.

Extruding workshop


Round weaving workshop


Round weaving workshop


Round weaving workshop


Cutting Workshop


Sewing Workshop


Printing Workshop


Automation Workshop


QC room